Cynthia & Andrea

That’s Amore …

When you think about Italy you think about iconic images like gondolas, decadent food being passed around, never-ending wine being poured, and people who are fiery romantics as well as extremely passionate. This was certainly the case for Cynthia Bergamin, who had traveled from Montreal to Venice with her family on vacation when she met her future-groom, Andrea Teso. They were married on September 2013, and their day-long fairytale affair on Andrea’s home turf was relayed to DestinationVows by friend and fellow DestinationVows specialist, Anthony Santori.

The day of the wedding, several cocktail hours took place, and the first of which was held on the terrace of the hotel’s bar, which led directly onto the street. “There was a Venetian theme with all of the servers dressed in stripes, the serving tables were made up of recycled gondolas, with a traditional quartet playing live music. It was a bright and sunny day. Canapés of traditional Italian finger foods such as prosciutto, seafood, homemade breads and pizzas were going around.

After the ests were taken by limousine to a ferry station where a small yacht was provided to cross over into Venice and take guests to the church for the ceremony. It was an incredible backdrop located right on the pier, and the 20-minute journey to get there was purposely done to take the most scenic of routes. “On board, more cocktails and hors d’oeuvres were being served, and then the yacht finally pulled into the Port of Venice called San Basilio, where all of the major cruise ships dock as well as being directly in the heart of Venice steps away from the Piazza San Marco,” he said. “The ceremony was held in the picturesque Chiesa Dei Gesuiti in Venice”.

From there, the guests were brought back to Jesolo, this time a little further down to a restaurant called Da Gerry that was on the beach, while the bridal party did their photos. “This absolutely stunning restaurant was overhauled to accommodate the entire group, with the most beautiful white décor. We arrived just in time for the sunset,” Santori continued. “This is a 5-star specialty seafood restaurant where there was live music, belly dancers, and even fireworks, endless seafood, Italian wines, more prosecco, and a live DJ after midnight for the younger crowd.” The festivities continued into the early morning hours, leaving each and every guest in awe of the incredible wedding that they had been a part of. “All in all, this was a fantastic mix of European charm and [experiencing a] big historical city in the heart of Venice, stunning beach reception, world-class cuisine, and hospitality,” Santori said of the day.

Today, Andrea and his family are looking to host more weddings in this gorgeous Italian town that make for the dreamiest of destination weddings possible. Santori said of the venue, “It combines European charm in the historical city of Venice with the coziness of a Caribbean beach, which is in my humble opinion, the best of both worlds.”