Courteney & Grame: Tie The Knot At Secrets Huatulco

When my fiance, Graeme, and I first started talking about getting married and sharing our lives together, I expressed that my dream had always been to have a destination wedding. As a wedding photographer, I had shot a dv specialist’s from Roblin’s Travel in BC wedding a year before and knew DestinationVows was the way to go when planning my own destination wedding! Right away, I knew I had made a fantastic decision, the dv specialist listened to what was important to us in a resort, location, and amenities and immediately had some suggestions for us. We were looking for an adults only, small, intimate resort and setting for our wedding party of 18 and after hearing the wonderful things said about Bonito Pacific in Cabo, we decided that was our place!

A DestinationVows specialist is a wonderful “middle man” and helped me with so many decisions and conversations between the resort and I. I felt very supported and as stressful as it can be to plan a wedding, having someone there who was there no matter what, made it so much easier!

In September, disaster struck. A hurricane ripped through Cabo, causing a substantial amount of damage to not only the town and airport, but also the resorts. Fortunately, our wedding resort had basically been untouched. Unfortunately, Sunwing (the tour group I chose to book my wedding with) had cancelled the flights down until after my wedding date. Due to a large amount of out – of- town guests attending the wedding, there was no way we could change the dates. I was devastated and scared that my dream wedding wasn’t going to happen.

The dv specialist from Roblin Travel called to let me know within a half hour of finding out, and I was sitting in their office shortly after looking at other options. Taking into consideration what my and Graeme’s most important requests regarding the resort and our location, they already had two options for me, had checked the availability for not only rooms and dates, but the wedding as well, and had all the information ready to go depending on where we decided.  So with one month to go, my entire wedding needed to be re planned, re booked, and 18 people were displaced but they made everything happen quickly and with as little stress as possible for me!

We ended up picking Secrets Huatulco, a beautiful 5 star, adults only resort, on it’s own private bay. Everything that I had ever dreamed about for a week spent with our closest family and friends was far exceeded by the resort, experiences, staff, and amenities. I could not be happier with the choice they gave me after such an uncertain circumstance. All of my guests were so excited with the resort and everyone has said what a wonderful experience it was for them.

The wedding was what dreams are made of. We said our vows and promised our lives to each other at sunset on the beach. It was a moment in both of our lives we will never forget.  One of Graeme’s favorite memories is riding the glass elevator down to where we were meeting the wedding coordinator to start the ceremony.  As we walked to our meeting point, past two pools and an open bar/grill, the entire pool and restaurant stood up, clapped, and cheered for us. Because it was a smaller resort, most of the other guests had met us prior to the wedding and we had quite a few new friends watching from the beach as we tied the knot.  A small but beautiful cocktail hour and reception was set up on the beach surrounded by strings of lights, candles, and loved ones.  It was wonderfully intimate and emotional and was a perfect way to celebrate our love as a couple and our commitment to each other in front of family and friends. We lit sky lanterns at the end of the night as a symbol of our unity together, and watched as they floated into the dark sky over the ocean. There are no other words to describe the experience than it was a dream come true!

Our wedding could not have been more perfect. I married the perfect man for me, in the perfect location, with loved ones surrounding me. Graeme and I will remember this for the rest of our lives.