Diane and Nelson: Love & Leisure In Punta Cana

Diane and Nelson: Love and Leisure in Punta Cana

Diana and Nelson Da Poupada are seasoned travellers, and no strangers to a tropical, fun-filled vacation. In fact, they had visited Punta Cana twice before their wedding—the allure of pure white sand beaches and good vibes proved impossible to resist. They’re also serious foodies, so when it came to planning their dream wedding, they had a particular set of requests: complete customization, gourmet eats, and a unique experience.

That’s why they turned to travel agent Rosie Di Martino at Polo Travel Ltd. and Natasha Macri, a wedding planner on the ground in Dominican Republic, to help whip up Diana’s and Nelson’s big day. With the help of their crack planning team, the Da Poupadas arranged for guests to stay at the intimate Royalton Punta Cana Resort and Casino. The wedding, however, would be held off-resort, at the luxurious Huracán Café. All Macri had to do was show the couple a few Instagram photos, and the pieces started falling into place.

“A destination wedding was a new experience for just about everyone,” Diana says, explaining that it was a big deal for the Da Poupada’s to put all their trust in Macri and Di Martino.

Soft pinks and whites aligned with the boho vintage chic decor set the scene against a backdrop of the Caribbean’s perfect blues. Antiquated wood tables lined with lace runners and romantic flowers and golden-gilded candles captured the tone. The Da Poupadas customized everything, from the music, to the photographer, to the food and cocktails. On their wedding day, there were pineapple mojitos alongside lobster tails, fish croquettes, and gnocchi. The Italian chefs at Huracán Café rolled out plate after plate of special cuisine: gazpacho, caprese, shrimp, and even grilled cheese.

But the real fun came once the nuptials were over, when the tables were cleared and the speeches were done. Nelson stepped up to DJ his own wedding. He had even brought his own DJ board console, and his not-so-shy DJ friends emceed throughout the evening. To pay tribute to Nelson’s Portuguese heritage, he introduced guests to some Portuguese music and joined in an impromptu folk dance with his parents, sister, and niece. Over the course of the evening, seven different DJs stepped up to carry the party well into the early hours of morning.

When wedding crashers started showing up at the party, Nelson and Diana welcomed them with open arms. You know it’s a good time when the music draws in people from all over the beach!

“Everything exceeded expectations,” Diana recalls. “It was a beautiful day, and everything went as planned.”

Diana and Nelson were married on April 6, 2017, surrounded by their loved ones in paradise. Their guests still talk about the fun they had. And if a day filled with laughter, multiple DJs, and all-night dance sessions wrapped in the warm Caribbean night air is any indication, they’ll be happily married for their rest of their lives.