Destination Wedding Traditions

10 years ago a destination wedding was the new kid on the block and the traditional wedding was the norm, but today, destination weddings have become one of the mainstreams when it comes to where and when you wedding may be. They have become so popular over the years for so many reasons.  Fits the budget, planning is easier, and everything is in one place are a few.  But is has become so popular, that destination wedding traditions have all but been etched in stone.  These traditions have become a part of many couple’s wedding day and we want let you know what to expect and perhaps put your own spin on these typical traditions.



Sand CeremonySand Ceremony Once couples wanted to be married on the beach, it was soon discovered that the Unity Candle wasn’t going to stay lit with the cool ocean breezes passing across the beach.  Hence, the sand ceremony! The couple, each with a glass container filled with coloured sand, pour it into a centre container – recognized as their coming together.  Add cute tags to add to the charm of the ceremony.



SONY DSCFans & Flip Flops The beach wedding is a very casual affair compared to the extravagance of some traditional at home weddings.  It is also a time when you have to consider your guests needs.  Beach ceremonies can sometimes become uncomfortable without the shade of a palm tree or a refreshing ocean breeze, not to mention the aggravation of sand in your shoes. Have baskets filled with fans and flip flops.  Guest can remove their shoes and walk the beach in comfort.  The fan will definitely be appreciated in the hot sun – customize your fan with wedding details instead of wedding program.




Save The Date It’s best to let your family and friends know your wedding date asap. A destination wedding is not just a day, but much longer lasting 3-7 days.  Guests need to prepare and arrange time of work, etc.  Choosing your destination and resort can come later.



Sky LanternSky Lanterns What a beautiful sight to see the candle-lit Sky Lanterns drift slowly out over the calm dark sea.  Make a wish and release the lanterns after your sunset wedding or during your reception sometime after the sun goes down.







Welcome BagWelcome bags Your guests will find this a lovely gesture and warm welcome as they arrive in their rooms.  Fill them with useful items and things you think will remind them of this special time.  Couples are trying to get more creative with the welcome gifts but standards are beach towels, lip balm, bottled water – all that can be customized with your initials or wedding date.  Snacks and travel-size health & beauty items are also popular. Key contact info and itinerary can be very useful. If you are able to splurge have canvas beach bags screen-printed but for those on a budget a craft bag or basket can be just as good.



Signature cocktailSignature Cocktails.  Create your own cocktail with your name it. Take your married name and add –‘tini’ or ‘garita’, then your mixology skills come into play.  Couples often match the colours of their cocktail with their wedding them colours.  Blue Curacao is popular for its’ turquoise colour.  Bloody ‘Marry Me’, Mai ‘Tai The Knot’, ‘Mint To Be’ Mojito and Smith-tini are a few ideas. Pretty much anything goes when it comes to the bar menu at most resorts so they will be more than happy to help you with your creation.



The Must Have PhotoThe Must Have Photo You will find destination wedding photographers also have their own standard traditions and these memorable wedding poses create great long-lasting memories of your wedding day.  Stand in a heart drawn in the stand, get all the wedding party to jump high in the air with the ocean as your back-drop, places your rings in a shell and lay in the sand, hugging your bride in a romantic silhouette against the sunset and of course, the must have of all must have photos – the big dip!